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Denton Salle's Tales, Stories, and Lies


Sept 6, 2019 - No, Really.
Surprising, I took third place for books in the annual Cisco Writers’ Club Contest with Daemonic Mechanistic Artifacts: A Tale of Napoleon’s Genie. It’s an steampunk alternative history where Napoleon wins, complete with a bit of romance. Hopefully it should be available by November 1st.

August 20, 2019 Impossible Hope: Tales of Overcoming the Odds.

A charity anthology for medical expenses contains my first published fiction, Moulin Rouge’s Last Secret. It’s a good collection from old and new authors and for a good cause. You can find it on on GoFundMe or on Amazon, etc. I’ll post the link when I can.

August 1, 2019 Hi!

Hi. I’m Denton. I’m mostly imaginary but I write stories and tell tales. They vary from romance to cozies to alternative histories to urban fantansy. Mostly I write on planes and in airport, which is less annoying than when I used to practice mandolin or carve eggs there. I like to cook and I like poodles. There are unconfirmed rumors I might actually be a giant panda for some reason too.